• Caramel Almond
  • Malai Magic
  •  This is also one of the popular products we make our ThandaiMasala from scratch; you need to taste the product to believe it.
  • This is one of the flagship products from our store. When people come to our store they just say “ give 2 anando milks” and we understand they are asking for masala milk. The milk is special mix rich in dry fruits, saffron and elaichi as scrumptious as ever,
  • This in the next popular products, we use the actual sitafal fruit for our product. The milk is so rich in taste that it’s almost sinful
  • Its chocolate milk with a magic of chocolate and crunchy almonds that take over your taste buds.
  • A delicious blend of milk and chocolate makes for lip-smacking drink.
  • The wholesome taste of masala milk, but without sugar specially for our diabetic and calorie conscious customers.

Note : We sell packaged milk, product images displayed are solely for creative purposes.